The Ultimate Guide to Making Long-Lasting Friendships in Dallas (Part 1)

Moving to Dallas can be intimidating at first. Sure, people are friendly here but it can also seem as though everyone already has their established groups of friends and are unwilling to truly open their friend groups to newcomers. Getting past this initial awkwardness to make real, long-lasting friendships in Dallas is super important to your overall level of happiness. If you make an effort to form quality, lasting friendships, then Dallas will soon feel like home and you will no longer feel homesick or lonely. Here are some of our favorite ways to make good friends around town:

Get in the Habit of Saying “Yes”

Back in your hometown, you could afford to say “no” to invites because you already had established friendships you could count on. If you felt like staying home in your pajamas and binging Netflix instead of hitting happy hour, you could do so and know that your friends would still be there when you were ready to emerge from the comfort of your living room.

As a newcomer in Dallas, your social situation has changed. No one knows you well enough or is emotionally invested enough yet to keep inviting you to fun nights out and activities if you usually say “no.” If a coworker or new acquaintance invites you out, get in the habit of saying “yes” even if you don’t quite feel like it. Look at it as a fun challenge to say yes to every invite that comes your way, and soon you will meet and click with all kinds of interesting new friends.

Get in Better Shape

One of the first things many new people notice about Dallas is just how attractive and fit people tend to be. You can definitely use this to your advantage when seeking new friends by joining fun fitness classes, running groups, or just smiling and making eye contact at the gym. The key is to make working out a social activity instead of something you do alone. This will not only open up your social circle, but the endorphins and confidence boost that come from working out regularly will make you feel more comfortable in your skin and willing to make new friends.

Avoid Dating Apps for Now

This may seem counter-intuitive, but bear with us: for now, you should avoid dating apps and websites like Tinder, Bumble, and OK Cupid. When moving to a new city where you have no friends, it’s way too easy to begin devoting all your socializing time to dating. This is risky, because if you meet the wrong person you may stick with them longer than you would otherwise simply because you will feel lonely when you break up. A much healthier and happier long-term strategy is to establish a group of fun, trustworthy friends first and then start dating. This way your new beaus will only add to your social life instead of being the whole enchilada.

Be Polite and Communicative

Manners count in Dallas, and people here definitely notice when you’re not polite. The combination of southern charm and big city sophistication means you may need to make extra effort when communicating. If new friends text, call, or email you, be responsive, communicative, and polite. If you flake or don’t respond, you may find yourself frozen out.

As you can see, making lasting friendships in Dallas does require effort but it’s well worth it. In Part 2, we’ll look at a few specific ways you can get out of the house and make new friends immediately. In the meantime, contact us if you’d like to learn more about Dallas New in Town and how we can help make your adjustment to Dallas life as easy as possible.

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