Dallas Nightlife Done Right: 10 Tips to Ensure a Regret-Free Night after Partying at Your Neighborhood Bars

Hopefully you have never had the awful experience of waking up the next morning only realize that yesterday’s recording apparently stopped around 10 p.m. Anything that transpired after 10 that night is seemingly lost, and then come the stories. You know if you have to hop on Facebook in attempts to piece together the past 12 hours, there may be some regrets coming!

We generally have to learn this the hard way, and either that embarrassment, guilt or shame propel us to change some things. You don’t have to have this experience in order to put up some guard rails and take the necessary precautions before going out. Here are 10 tips to ensure a regret-free night after partying at your neighborhood bars:

  • Where are your car keys? Before heading out for a night of drinking, dancing and dirty deeds done dirt cheap, make transportation arrangements. Dallas is a big city, so getting from one bar to the next likely means driving. Not taking your car keys and using public transportation or having a DD (Designated Driver) is the only safe way to go.
  • Did you make a budget? Nothing worse than spending way too much after the liquor decides to start making decision, even spending decisions. The option here is to give yourself a budget for the night, or better yet go take cash and leave your credit card at home!
  • Have you eaten? Regardless of what type of drinker you are, from the few beers for the night to a drink til’ you drop kind of party animal, alcohol on an empty stomach is never a good plan.
  • Schedule wisely. If the day after looks to start early or is a work day, it may be advisable to wait. It isn’t uncommon to feel less than your best at least for the first few hours the morning following your escapades. Deciding to go out on a night when the following day has no requirements will be appreciated (at least later!).
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Alcohol is a natural dehydrator, and if you are a smoker there is a tendency to smoke even more. Guess what, nicotine also dehydrates the body. Having a couple of glasses of ice water will help keep you feeling good and fight against hangovers.
  • Who are you going out with? Going out alone is never the best idea. That is even truer today, as crime and predators are more prevalent today than ever.  Along with the truth of safety in numbers, having real friends with you can be a potentially good guard against doing anything you might later regret.
  • Take a number, not a person. Listen, Dallas is big, but the world is a very small place! That young lady or fella you just met tonight, get their number but leave them at the bar. Waking up to discover a warm body next to you following a Friday night excursion will often be a decision you will want to erase.
  • Snacks are good. Fitness pros will warn against eating while drinking alcohol because of alcohol’s adverse affect on the body, in particular the body’s metabolism. That is very true, but like every rule there are exceptions. Low fat snacks like pretzels a couple of times throughout the night is a wise choice. Much like eating a good meal before going out, as mentioned earlier snacks will offer some alcohol absorption and hopefully fight against becoming too intoxicated.
  • Self-check. In order to avoid doing something regrettable, it can be helpful to check-in with yourself. If we are in a bad place, emotionally, financially or personally there may be some unwanted motives behind our going out. The possibility of falling into a self-destructive mode or not respecting consequences heightens the risk of doing something we will later regret.
  • Plan for fun. Having a plan in place before going out is another option to ensure a good and regret-free time. Of course this doesn’t have to be a rigid, by-the-letter plan, but a good outline of the what, when and where can help get you home safe and sound…and regret-free.

If you can foresee an upcoming night out in Dallas, contact us to find out about what’s going on, what’s hot and what’s not. We would love to be a part of your regret-free night out on the town.

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